Beyond 42

Why Beyond 42?

The simplest definition for an Ultra Marathon is that it is an event beyond 42.195 kms! We look at it slightly differently! We believe that an Ultra Marathon is an experience that will help an individual discover herself and become a better human being.

Our objective with the Malnad Ultra is to provide a world-class Trail Ultra in India. For tens of thousands of road-warriors who can proudly call themselves marathoners, the next logical step is to challenge themselves with a Trail Ultra. But running an Ultra is an entirely different sport than running! It is certainly not enough to just run more miles in training to successfully complete an Ultra. Our Beyond 42 series are events that are designed to help runners understand and become better prepared for Ultras. Over the years, we have hosted accomplished runners and coaches to share their experiences and tips in Mumbai, Goa, Chennai and Bangalore and we will continue to bring top-notch experts to runners in India.

Beyond 42 with Eric Orton

Eric Orton gained world-recognition by coaching author Christopher McDougall to the finish line in the bestseller Born To Run, a book that singlehandedly changed running for millions across the world. As a Coach and Performance Guru, Eric has spent a lifetime learning and thinking about running and the limitless possibilities of the human body and mind. He is the author of The Cool Impossible, in which he shares his knowledge along with a step-by-step guide for runners of all levels, abilities and experience.

We are pleased to host Eric Orton for two Presentations (Bangalore & Goa) and an exclusive 3-day Camp (Bangalore) in February 2019. The schedule and complete details are provided below. Seats are limited and prior registration is mandatory.



Location Max Participants Date Time Venue Event Description
Bangalore 90 Saturday,
February 23, 2019
0830 – 1130 hours TERI Auditorium, Domlur, Bangalore The Cool Impossible, a Presentation by Eric Orton
Dona Paula, Goa 75 Sunday,
February 24, 2019
0930 – 1230 hours The International Centre Goa The Cool Impossible, a Presentation by Eric Orton
Bangalore 15 Thursday,
February 28 – Saturday,
March 2, 2019
1200 hours
28/2/2019 to
1400 hours
Galibore Nature Camp, Sangam, Kanakapura Taluk, Bangalore Rural Running Camp by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible Presentation

Achieve your Cool Impossible! If you are a runner, cyclist or triathlete, here’s an opportunity for you to listen to and interact with one of the most highly regarded performance coaches in the world. The presentation is targeted towards novice Ultra Marathoners, experienced Marathoners, Cyclists and Triathletes who want to push themselves to achieve their Cool Impossible. The presentation will help them train smarter by getting the most from their miles and themselves. Topics covered include:

  • Change your Perspective – Elevate your Performance
  • Determining your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Keys to being a Successful Athlete
  • Essential Building Blocks of a Training Program
  • Visualisation and Mind-training


3-Day Running Camp (Bangalore)

Eric’s goal is to build a collective, global team of Cool Impossible runners who can interact as virtual training partners, supported by The Cool Impossible training methods and the collective achievements of the team.

This Running Camp is designed specifically for amateur runners who already lead, or wish to inspire and coach others to run. The idea is to seed a group of runners across India that will help others, and support each other, in spreading the joy of running. We are looking for individuals to lead and inspire other amateur runners purely for the joy of sharing their passion for running. As Eric states in his video, we simply want to join the movement to create one runner in every household across the globe!

Eric will share his training techniques and his philosophy in this exclusive camp limited to 15 participants and there is no participation fee.