General (4)

We will likely make a few changes to the route for 2019. However, these will not impact the profile of the course. As a result the net elevation gains and UTMB points are unlikely to change from previous years.

We encourage our participants to bring their family and friends as guests. We will be happy to host all guests and provide food and hospitality to them at no extra charge on the run day. As a courtesy, please email us in advance and let us know if you are bringing guests. This will help us with our planning.

If you are purchasing the Accommodation Package, you will have to purchase the package for your guests separately. 

Our event is 100% volunteer-driven and we fully appreciate offers to volunteer with us. Our Core Team typically consists of around 30 volunteers who help with organising the run, photography and other logistics. These positions get filled much before the event and we typically fill our positions by February. Please connect with us if you are interested in volunteering for the 2019 edition.

The weather in November is generally pleasant with high temperature around 25 ℃ and lows in the teens. Usually, the monsoon has faded before our event, but runners might encounter a short burst of rain or drizzle. It can also get very warm during the day. We strongly recommend that runners keep track of weather closer to the date of the event.

You can view current weather conditions here.

Registration (4)

We will open registrations at Noon on April 15, 2019 and close at 8:00 p.m on September 30, 2019

Short answer… YES! We are strict about runners meeting our qualifying criteria and require all participants to provide us with adequate proof of qualification in the category that you are applying to. Details are provided on our Registration Page.

We know that many of you might have plenty of running experience, but we require our runners to prove their current running ability. You can complete the registration first and then email us proof of your qualification before September 30th, 2019. Participants who do not meet this criteria will not be allowed to start their race.

We use multiple mechanisms to distribute Bibs. For participants residing in India, we courier the bibs to the address provided during registration. If you are a member of a large running group, it is likely that we will send a mass shipment to the leader of your running group instead of individually couriering it to you. During registration, we also provide you with an option to request us to hold your Bib for pickup at the venue.

International participants must collect their Bibs prior to the event at the venue. 

In all cases, you will receive an email well before the event with information on your Bib.

We realise that plans change, or worse, you have suffered an injury that does not allow you to participate. Unfortunately, we do not allow cancellation or transfer of your registration. We also do not refund the registration amount. Don’t feel too bad about this. We are a not-for-profit event and we use your registration fees to organise this event. Think about it as a contribution!

If you want to cancel/transfer your Accommodation Package, you can email Active Holidays and they may be able to transfer your Package.

Accommodation (3)

Our Travel Partner offers convenient packages to take care of your local travel and accommodation. However, the package is optional and you can organise your own accommodation. Do note that our Travel Partner reserves all the good options many months in advance and you will possibly struggle to find a better option. If you choose to organise your own accommodation, you will have to organise your own travel to catch our shuttle buses to the event at Last Resort, Ballavara

Details on the Accommodation Package will be available on our site by May 2019.

Please contact Active Holiday Company directly for any queries or assistance with the accommodation package. Contact information is available on their web site. We will not be able to provide assistance for these.

We have partnered with Active Holiday Company to offer a package that will help take care of all the local logistics in an area that is unfamiliar to many. This package includes transfers from Birur, Accommodation and Meals. This package provides great value and convenience and we recommend that you sign up for this. Having said that, if you want to organise your own travel and accommodation, you are welcome to do so. Please review the information in the Preparation section.

Travel (1)

Our event takes place in an area that is unfamiliar to many. Additionally, due to very poor mobile networks, it will be difficult to navigate using Google Maps. We also do not allow any private vehicles on the course.  All participants must use our shuttle buses to reach the Start Area. Parking is also very limited because the roads are very narrow and windy. For all of these reasons, we encourage participants to use very convenient public transport options. If you do choose to drive, we strongly recommend carpooling.

Please ensure that you are familiar with our shuttle bus schedules.

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