There are limited options available for travel and accommodation to our event and we strongly recommend that you complete your bookings before the end of August to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. We have created the following checklist to help you in your planning.

Item Description How/Where? Timeline More Information
Runner Registration On our Site January 1 – September 29 Complete registration and pay race fees of ₹ 1500
Qualifying Criteria On our site or via Email Before September 29 Provide information on your qualifying criteria during registration or email to us before September 29.
Organise Accommodation Search for rooms in nearby towns like Tarikere and Chikmangalur All rooms under Active Holiday Package are sold out
Plan Travel September Visit Travel page.
Send your Travel Itinerary to Active Holidays Via Email Before September 15 Applies to those that have purchased Package only. It will help in planning of pickup and drop from Birur
Change Race Category (optional) Request via Email By August 31 No charges
Notify Number of Guests (optional) Via Email By September 29 If you are bringing guests, please let us know. This will help us to plan transport and hospitality for them
Familiarise yourself with Event Schedule Visit Schedule page. Before coming to our event Please note change in date for modifying race category

Suggested Itinerary

We recommend that participants try to reach Ballavara by lunch time on Friday, October 12th. In addition to meeting some fellow runners, you can get some rest before the pre-run High Tea/Dinner. You should plan on getting to bed by 9:00 p.m to be well rested for the run. You will need to wake up early the next day to get on the shuttle buses to the run . If you miss the shuttle buses, your race is over before it starts because there is no other way to get to the start line! All  runners should board the shuttle bus between 3:45 a.m and 4:15 a.m on Saturday.

Regardless of your category, you should plan to stay overnight on Saturday, October 13th and return home on 14th. From our experience most of the 110 Km runners will finish in the wee hours of the morning on 14th. We suggest catching some rest in Ballavara before heading home on Sunday. Please avoid making return plans on the evening of Saturday, the 13th.



The monsoons typically recede by the end of September in this area, which is why our event is scheduled over the second weekend of October.  Having said that, the weather in the Malnad region can be unpredictable and can change quickly!

There is plenty of shade on the course and the sun should not be an issue. High temperatures are in the mid-20s ℃ and lows are typically in the teens. Runners must be prepared for a short drizzle or bout of rain.

Certain sections of the course can be slushy because of the rains. Runners may also have to cross a few shallow streams on the trail. We recommend that you have some plan to keep your shoes and socks dry.