Our event is intentionally scheduled in the middle of the Dussehra-Deepawali  festival season to encourage participants to bring their family and friends to experience our event and the spectacular Malnad. However, our event is conducted in a remote area with limited options for accommodation.  Amongst these limited options, the better ones are already booked out and you will now get the less optimal ones now.


Our Travel Partner, Active Holiday Company was offering a complete package for our participants. These are now sold out and not available.

If you have already purchased this package, you can organise your travel to Birur or Kadur (depending on where you have been allocated your accommodation) and leave the rest to Active Holidays. Please be sure to email your travel plans to them so that they can plan your transfers.

Most of the accommodation organised by Active Holidays is within a few hundred metres from where our Shuttle buses are operated (The Last Resort). Since these are already sold out, fresh bookings are being made in locations that are 30-40 kms away. In any case, please ensure that you know where you are being accommodated so that you can plan further travel via our shuttle buses.

Other Options

If you want to organise your own accommodation, you can search on the Internet for options in Ballavara, Nandi Battlu or Kallathigiri. If these are not available, you can expand your search to Kemmanagundi, Kadur, Birur, Tarikere and Chikmangalur. We have marked these locations on the map for your reference.

If you opt make your own arrangements, it is your responsibility to reach The Last Resort, Ballavara to board our shuttle buses to the pre-race Dinner or the Start Area on the day of the run. Please note that the roads are narrow, windy and in poor condition in this region and travel times are at least double of what you are used to. Please give yourself plenty of time to reach our shuttle buses in time. Private vehicles will not be allowed to the Start Area and you will miss your run if you miss the shuttle bus!

Tents etc…

We are grateful to the owners of the coffee plantations that have allowed us to conduct our event on their estates. These owners do not permit any camping or parking in their estates and they are closed to the public. We know that there are a few who want to make this part of your adventure.  You are welcome to find your own solution. We just ask that you respect privacy of others and reach The Last Resort, Ballavara to board our shuttle buses for the event.