Again, we caution participants that our event is conducted in a remote area and they should take extra care to plan and bring everything that they need on the run. It is unlikely that you will be able to purchase anything in and around our event location.


Bibs & Goodie Bags

Runners must wear their Bib at all times in a manner that it is visible from the front. All participants will be given a Bib with a timing chip prior to the event. We will send these out by courier about 3 weeks prior to the event to the address (in India) provided by you during registration. If you are part of a running group, we will send your bib to the Team Leader.

International runners can pick up their Bib prior to race start at Lalbagh Estate on Race Day.


Gear and Equipment

We have designed support for runners in such a manner that you can run with your hands-free. However, we recommend that runners have at least some hydration on them at all times. You may also have your personal preferences for nutrition and gear that you can carry with you or include in your drop-bags.

Runners might run into stretches where their shoes and socks can get wet. Runners must make their own preparation and work out a strategy to get through these stretches of flowing or standing water.

The run will be conducted regardless of weather. Weather in this region can be unpredictable and you can prepare for light rain and sun.

The following list is provided as a reference:

  • A Government ID (mandatory for Indian runners)
  • Printed copy Passport showing Photo, Name, Date of Birth, Issue and Expiry dates (mandatory for international runners)
  • Running Shorts/Tracks
  • Running Tee/Top
  • Running Shoes
  • Running Socks
  • Headgear: Cap/Hat/Visor/Headband/Sweatband
  • Running Watch, HR Monitor, Personal Music
  • Basic First Aid (Band Aid, pain spray etc.)
  • Mobile Phone
  • Change of clothes post-run and Backpack
  • Headlight / Flashlight(mandatory for 80K and 110K runners)
  • Drop-bags (1/2 depending on your distance)
  • Running gels and other fuel that you use
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant
  • Extra footwear like sandals for post-run
  • Hydration pack/bottle
  • Chargers and batteries for all devices
  • Snacks and munchies