Course Information

A majority of the Malnad Ultra course is within privately owned coffee plantations adjacent to the Bhadra Wildlife Reserve in Karnataka. While we use short sections of a remote public road to connect between these plantations, runners will practically get a single-loop, all trail experience. The route will be well-marked with signs. The course will be unlit, so runners in the dark will only have their headlights to guide them.

We offer three run categories in our event over 50 Km, 80 Km and 110 Kms.  These categories have been crafted with care to challenge runners of varying experiences and abilities. Do remember that the terrain is hilly and rough. So there are plenty of ups and downs for runners to negotiate. We mildly suggest that you do not worry about recording personal bests on our course. Think about how you will perform in Jeep Country when you choose your category!

Our course will take runners through miles of coffee plantations with majestic jungle trees, Silver Oak, Teak, Rosewood, Pepper, Cardamom etc. Apart from the varieties of birds, do look out for Giant Malabar Squirrels, Porcupines, Hares, Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Peacock and other small animals including a variety of snakes. If you are lucky, you might spot a Sambhar Deer or a herd of Indian Gaur. Apart from all this, take the time to enjoy the birds chirping and the sounds of cicadas and other creatures. Leeches can add to the challenge in wet weather.

All three events, 50, 80 and 110 Km, begin at Lalbagh Estate.  The first 50 kms of the course (the green section in the Course Map below) is common to all the events. Runners will make their way through Byre Khan, to Dod Khan, the Summit and then to the Manager’s Residence before making their way back to Lalbagh via Byre Khan.

Continuing on from Lalbagh, the 80 Km runners will pass through Sampigehutti and Doopad Khan and return to Lalbagh via Sampigehutti following the course marked in blue on the map.

The 110 Km runners will reach Doopadkhan from Lalbagh following the section marked in blue. About 1 Km from Doopadkhan Guest House, the runners will enter Doopadkhan village and head to Rajgiri Estate. From Rajgiri, they will make their way back to the Temp Rest Area. This extra section is marked in red on the Course Map. They will return back to Lalbagh via Sampigehutti, again following the blue section on the map.

To summarise, runners of all three categories will cover the green section of the course. In addition, the 80 Km runners will cover the blue section, while the 110 Km runners will cover the blue and the red sections shown on the map.

The elevation profiles for the three categories are shared below for your reference. Click the elevation profile image to download the corresponding GPS file in GPX format.

The course was marked with a Garmin® GPXMAP 64S device. Please note that the total distance shown on the GPS file is slightly short of the course distance. This deviation is due to the fact that our Rest Areas are slightly away from the Course and these deviations were not included in this GPS file.

Additional information on the three categories are summarised below.

50 Km

Start 7:00 a.m, November 2nd
End 4:00 p.m, November 2nd
Max Time 9 Hours
Min Elevation 754 metres
Max Elevation 1226 metres
Net Ascent 1558 metres
Net Descent 1538 metres
Start Point Lalbagh Estate
End Point Lalbagh Estate
Intermediate Aid Stations 8
Intermediate Rest Areas 4
UTMB Points 1

80 Km

Start 6:45 a.m, November 2nd
End 9:45 p.m, November 2nd
Max Time 15 Hours
Min Elevation 754 metres
Max Elevation 1242 metres
Net Ascent 3052 metres
Net Descent 3072 metres
Start Point Lalbagh Estate
End Point Lalbagh Estate
Intermediate Aid Stations 10
Intermediate Rest Areas 7
UTMB Points 3

110 Km

Start 6:30 a.m, November 2nd
End 6:30 a.m, November 3rd
Max Time 24 Hours
Min Elevation 754 metres
Max Elevation 1244 metres
Net Ascent 3497 metres
Net Descent 3512 metres
Start Point Lalbagh Estate
End Point Lalbagh Estate
Intermediate Aid Stations 14
Intermediate Rest Areas 10
UTMB Points 4