Run Support

Like all other running events, runners can expect Rest Areas, Aid Stations and Baggage Drop counters during the event. Because our event is conducted in a remote area, we request runners to review the information in this section carefully before planning their strategy for the run. The green section on the Course Map shows the first 50 kms of our course that is traversed by all runners. The blue section is common to the 80 and 110 Km runners, while the red section is for the 110 Km runners only.

Additional information on Travel and Accommodation is provided in Preparation section of our site.

Food & Hydration

Our Aid Stations & Rest Areas will carry basic hydration – Water, RRUN® During, Salt and Sugar. Rest Areas will also have some light snacks. Lalbagh, which is the Start and Finish Point as well as the 50 Km mark for 80 & 110 Km runners, will have a running kitchen through the duration of the event. It will serve traditional South Indian dishes suitable to breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

We strongly recommend that runners carry basic hydration on them during the run for their safety.

Aid Stations & Rest Areas

Runners can expect an Aid Station or Rest Area approximately every 5-6 Kms. Aid stations will be manned by volunteers and will have basic hydration and first-aid. Marked by the sign shown to the right, our Rest Areas come between intervals of 10 to 12 Kms and are located in historic bungalows on the Estates from the British era. Our rest areas are 50-100 metres off the main trail. We require all runners to enter all rest areas without exception and these short deviations are included in the overall distance.

Rest Areas are like major Aid Stations. In addition to some snacks and hydration, they will have toilets, first-aid and an area for runners to lie down and stretch. Runners who are dropping out voluntarily, should do so at the Rest Areas. This will help our sweeper vehicles bring them back to the Finish area. All trash must be disposed off at Aid Stations or Rest Areas only.

Runners will encounter some of the rest areas more than once. Some of the Rest Areas are also Checkpoints and have published cut-off times. Additionally, a few of the Rest Areas are also baggage-drop points.


Drop Bags

All Runners will be provided with drop-bag facilities to help store their additional gear. There will be a drop-bag facility at the Start Area (which is also the Finish) for all runners. Additionally, the 110 Km runners can plan for one additional drop-bag on the course. This bag will be available at the 72nd and 81st Km of the course.

Runners must mention their Bib Number and Drop Bag Location on a tag, attach, and hand over the drop-bags at the counter provided in the Start Area before the race. We will be couriering tags for your bags along with your bib in advance.

Shuttle Buses

All participants and their guests MUST use our shuttle buses to reach the venue for the pre-run Dinner and the Start Area for the run. Private vehicles will not be allowed in certain sections and participants will not be able to reach the venue on their own. Our shuttle buses will pick up and drop participants from The Last Resort Homestay in Ballavara (see Map) and other major accommodation points under the Package.

We will publish a schedule closer to the event.

Medical Support

Our Aid Stations will carry basic first-aid like adhesive bandage strips and pain-relief sprays. Rest Areas will have a few more basic medical supplies to treat minor injuries. Ambulances and medical staff will be available on the course to handle emergencies. A team of physios will also be on hand.

Please note that many sections of our course are not motorable and handling emergencies can be time-consuming and tricky. We therefore request runners to be cognisant of their own condition on the course and be suitably conservative.