Running Groups

The Malnad Ultra Group Challenge

Running groups are growing rapidly and are possibly the main driver for the growth of running as a sport across India. At Malnad Ultra, we have been fortunate to host a variety of running groups in our previous editions. We continue to solicit the support of running groups and want to fuel the competitive juices a bit in a fun way! Details on the contest are provided here along with a list of teams that have entered so far.



What is It?

The Running Group that aggregates the most points at our event will be awarded with The Malnad Ultra Group Challenge Trophy in their city at a special function in November-December 2018. Points are accrued by runners within each Running Group. We will award points as described in the table below.

Item Description Point(s)
For each Registration from the Group to Malnad Ultra 2018 1
For Participation (the registered participant starts the race in registered category) 1
For each 50 Km Finisher 2
For each 80 Km Finisher 4
For each 110 Km Finisher 6

Why Groups should participate?

There are several reasons why a Group should participate in our challenge but the most important, hopefully, because it is FUN! We will do our best to make this a simple yet interesting challenge by adding the following:

  1. Timing Bibs will mention the Name of the Running Group
  2. Flags/Banners for all registered Running Group will be displayed at the Event
  3. Malnad Ultra will Follow/Like Social Media handles
  4. And..the Trophy with its bragging rights!

How it Works?

  1. The Running Group should register for our Group Challenge
    1. The Group will nominate a Captain to coordinate with us
    2. The Captain will email us or use the Contact form to provide us the following details:
      • Name of Running Group
      • City in which the group is based
      • Their name and mobile number
    3. We will share a link to an online sheet in which the Captain can add details of the runners in their group participating in The Malnad Ultra 2018. They can manage entries by editing this online sheet through September 29, 2018. Runners can be added or deleted until the last date for registration
    4. Individual Runners must register as participants prior to being added to a Group
    5. All communication will be routed via the Captain who will represent the Running Group
  2. Final Composition of Groups
    1. We will freeze the groups when registrations close at 7:00 p.m on September 29, 2018
    2. If a Participant is a member of more than one Group, they will be removed from all Groups prior to the event
  3. Points will be awarded after Final Results
    1. Points will be awarded to each Running Group after the final results are available
    2. The Group with the maximum points will be announced as the Winner
    3. If there is a Tie, we will use the number of participants who started the race to break the tie. If still tied, we will use the number of 110 K finishers, 80 K finishers and 50 K finishers in that order to decide the Winner
  4. Ceremony
    1. We will organise a special event to award The 2018 Malnad Ultra Group Challenge Trophy
    2. The Time, Date and Location will be determined by the Group and the Captain will inform us
    3. All Group Members will be invited to the function

Additional Details

  1. All formal/informal running groups are eligible to participate. As a courtesy, we request that the group Follows and/or Likes us on our official Social Media handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  2. A Group must consist of a minimum of 10 registered participants. There is no maximum limit in a Group.
  3. Each participant will register individually prior to joining a group
  4. Each Group must contain a minimum of 10% ladies. For example:
    • A Group consisting of 10 runners will have at least 1 lady participant
    • A Group consisting of 23 runners will have at least 2 lady participants
    • A Group consisting of 28 runners will have at least 2 lady participants
    • A Group consisting of 100 runners will have at least 10 lady participants
  5. The Captain must obtain consent of the participant prior to adding them to their team.
  6. If a participant is registered in more than one Group, they will be deleted from all Groups prior to the event
  7. If a participant is added to a Group without their consent, the entire Group will be disqualified
  8. As always, decisions made by the Race Director are final and binding

List of Teams (updated June 18, 2018)

Team Name Location Team Leader
Ultra Pothole Hoppers Bengaluru Kannan Sundararajan
ITEN Runners Club Thiruvananthapuram Shinomol
Chennai Trekking Club Chennai Ahamed Hanifa
Crazy Passionate Runners Bengaluru Sajith P.P
Pune Runners Pune Amol Birajdar
KBR Runners Hyderabad Anell Ambati
Quads of Fury Bengaluru Murthy Udupa
Sussegado Fitness Freaks Goa Ghanesham Mishra
Mountain Trail Blazers Bengaluru J.P Gowda
Soles of Cochin Ernakulam Vidhya P.G
Bhukmp Bengaluru Vishy Kuruganti
OMR Dreamers Chennai Kishore AV
Unived Trail Running Club Mumbai Amit Mehta