Team Challenge

What is It?

While the Group Challenge in 2018 generated a lot of interest and excitement, we felt that it was a format that favoured large running groups and, as a consequence, didn’t excite the smaller running groups as much. So, we decided to introduce a new format (our apologies to CTC).

The All New Malnad Ultra Team Challenge is a simple competition that will add to the overall experience and camaraderie during our event. Teams consisting of a maximum of Ten Runners will participate in a friendly competition and the winners will be awarded a gift hamper once the results are tallied!

Teams will be awarded points as follows:

  • One Point for Each Runner from a Team that Starts in their Registered Category
  • One Additional Point for Each Runner from a Team that Finishes in their Registered Category

The Team with maximum number of points wins. Of course, there are a few other details and rules that are described below!

Why Teams should participate?

There are several reasons why a Team should participate in our challenge but the most important, hopefully, because it adds to the FUN! We will do our best to make this a simple yet interesting challenge by adding the following:

  1. Timing Bibs will mention the Name of the Team
  2. Gift Hamper for the Winners
  3. And, of course, there are bragging rights!

How it Works?

  1. Teams should register for our Team Challenge separately
    1. Individual Runners must register as participants prior to being added to a Team
    2. The Team will nominate a Captain to coordinate with us
    3. The Captain will email us or use the Contact form to provide us the following details:
      • Name of Team
      • Full Name and Email ID (used during Registration) of Runners in the Team
    4. We will share a link to an online sheet in which the Captain can add details of the runners in their team participating in The Malnad Ultra 2019. They can manage entries by editing this online sheet through September 1, 2019.
    5. All communication with us will be routed via the Captain who will represent the Team
  2. Final Composition of Teams
    1. We will freeze the teams on September 1, 2019
    2. If a Participant is a member of more than one Team, they will be removed from all Teams prior to the event
  3. Points will be awarded after Final Results
    1. Points will be awarded to each Team after the final results are available
    2. The Team with the maximum points will be announced as the Winner
    3. If there is a Tie, we will break the tie in the following order:
      1. Total Number of Starters in the Team
      2. Total Number of Finishers in the Team
      3. Total Number of Ladies that Finished in the Team
      4. Total Number of Finishers in the 110 K Category
      5. Total Numbers of Finishers in the 80 K Category
      6. Total Number of Finishers in the 50 K Category
      7. Fastest Time in 110 K Category from Team
      8. Fastest Time in 80 K Category from Team
      9. Fastest Time in 50 K Category from Team

Additional Rules

  1. A Team can consist of a Maximum of 10 registered participants
  2. Each Team will have a Minimum of 3 participants, i.e 1 Lady in each Category
  3. This means each Team will have 3 Members in two Categories and 4 Members in the remaining Category
  4. Each participant will register individually prior to joining a Team
  5. There will be at least 3 Runners in each of 50 K, 80 K and 110 K Categories
  6. There will be at least 1 Lady in each of the 50K, 80 K and 110 K Categories
  7. The Captain must obtain consent of the participant prior to adding them to their team.
  8. If a participant is registered in more than one Team, they will be deleted from all Team
  9. If a participant is added to a Team without their consent, the entire Team will be disqualified
  10. Since the teams must be frozen by September 1, 2019, individuals that wish to participate in the Team Challenge must register themselves prior to September 1st, 2019. This will allow us to organise bibs with team names printed on them.
  11. As always, decisions made by the Race Director are final and binding