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Chikmangaluru, Karnataka, India


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Frequently Asked Questions


When will registrations open for 2022?

We will open registrations on July 1, 2022

What is your registration process?

Registrations and payments will be online here on our website

What are your registration fees?

Our registration fees will be: 

  • INR 2000 for 30 K
  • INR 3000 for 50 K
  • INR 4000 for 100 K 
What are your refund and cancellation policies?

We are 100% volunteer-driven and not-for-profit organisation and we use the registration fees to fund the organisation of this event. Your registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. 

What runners often don’t realise is that over 50% of our expenses are already committed before we even open registrations to cover costs of a variety of services regardless of whether we conduct the event or not. As organisers, we are committed to ensure that the event is conducted as promised, and that we provide a memorable experience to our participants. After six years of conducting this event, we can assure you that we barely break-even on this event. In the odd year where we have raised excess funds, we have invested these back into trail-running in a variety of ways by conducting training and other events.


Training & Qualification

Do you have criteria for qualification?

Yes! Our event is challenging and we require all runners to provide proof that they are sufficiently trained for the event. This is for your safety.

50  K 

  • Participant of a previous edition of Malnad Ultra. or
  • Complete a Full Marathon of 42K in under 5 hours in 2022, or
  • Official Finish at any Ultra of 50K or more in 2022

100 K

  • Finisher of a previous edition of Malnad Ultra, or
  • Complete TWO Full Marathons in under 5 hours in 2022, or
  • Official Finish of any Ultra of 75K or more in 2022

30 K

There is no qualification criteria for our 30K category since it is offered to initiate runners into trail-running

How can I submit qualification proof?

Participants must share a link to the official timing results of an event. Alternatively, they can provide us proof of completion in a self-timed run on sites like Strava and Garmin Connect. Please note that we will NOT accept screenshots or image files as proof.

Accomodations & Travel

What are the travel options available? How do we reach your event location?

Our course is near the town of Chikmangalur, Karnataka in India. This area has good connectivity by road and rail. It is less than five hours from Bangalore (a.k.a Bengaluru) International Airport with convenient flights from all parts of India and abroad. 

We will provide more information on travel prior to opening for registration.

How about accommodation?

Chikmangalur and surrounding areas have plenty of accommodation options suitable for all budgets. We will recommend the best options at least a couple of months before the event.

Race Info

What categories will you offer in 2022?

We will offer three categories – 30/50/100 K this year

What is your event date?

Our event is scheduled on November 26, 2022

What about event location and course profile?

Our event will be held in Chikkamangaluru District of Karnataka, India. We will publish the exact location and course profile when we open registrations.

What percentage of your course is trail?

Our course will be over 95% trail in all categories. 

Do you provide official timing?

Yes, we provide official timing and online certificates to finishers in all categories


Do you award UTMB points?

We are a member of ITRA and we expect to obtain the necessary certification and UTMB points for our 50 K and 100 K categories. We will publish information on this prior to opening of registrations?

What is the Asia Trail Master Series?

The Asia Trail Master is an annual trail running championship series in Asia with 30 points races in 15 countries. We are excited to be a part of this calendar in 2022

What are your other affiliations?

Over the last two years, we are also a qualifier for WSER. Since the course is different every year, we will confirm whether we will be accepted as a qualifier for WSER 2023.