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Race Location

Near Mallanduru, Karnataka, India


Frequently Asked Questions

2024 Event

When is your 2024 Event?

Our 8th edition is scheduled for Saturday, November 23, 2024 and registrations will open on July 15, 2024

When and where can I register for your event?

Our registrations will be online on this site. We have no other affiliations for registrations.

Registrations will close on October 15, 2024

Will your course be the same for 2024?

While our event will be held near Mallanduru, we will make a few tweaks to keep improving upon our course from last year. It is safe to assume that 80-85% of the course is same as last year

Can I change my category after registration?

Yes! You can request for an upgrade or downgrade of your category by sending us an email by October 15, 2024.

If you want to upgrade, you will have to pay the difference in registration fees and qualify for that category.

Please note that if you want to downgrade, we will not refund the difference in registration fees.

Why have you changed qualification criteria? I see that there is now criteria for 30K also.

Our qualification requirement is for runner safety. From our experience in 2022, we realised that many 30K runners had not done suffiicient research on our event and the degree of difficulty. We decided to add qualification criteria for 30K also in order to ensure that our participants are adequately trained and ready for our event.

2023 Event

Where can I find my results and finisher certificate?

You can find your official results on the web site of our Timing Partner. Use your name or Bib number to search for your result. Finishers can download their Certificate from the link provided.

Where do I find 2023 Race Photos?

Race photos are available on our Flickr page. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Malnad Ultra Flickr
  2. Click Search icon
  3. Put your Bib # in the search dialog and hit <Enter>
  4. Download your photos 

Travel & Accommodation

Can I book my travel and accommodation?

Yes! Our Start Area is 2 kilometres from Mallanduru. So, participants can plan and book their travel and accomodation accordingly. There are scores of homestays for all budgets in the area.

If you cannot find something suitable online, you can contact Swaroop (‭+91 99003 06090‬) via Text/WhatsApp for local assistance with your reservations.

Do you have a Travel Partner?

We are exploring the option of working with a Travel Partner. Watch this space for details over the next few weeks.


What is the Asia Trail Master Series?

The Asia Trail Master is an annual trail running championship series in Asia with 30 races across 15 countries. Runners accumulate points and qualify for the ATM Championship Final.

The Malnad Ultra was added to the ATM calendar in 2022 and we are excited to be a part of their calendar since then.

Are you a UTMB Qualifying Race?

We are a member of ITRA and all our three categories 30K, 50K and 100K are certified by the ITRA and finishers can get points. We are also a UTMB Index Race 

How do we qualify for WSER?

The Western States Endurance Run is the world’s oldest 100-mile run and is held in June every year. Finishers in our 100K category will be eligible to apply for the WSER lottery for their 2026 event. Note that this eligibility is for 2026 and not 2025, because the WSER lottery is scheduled in early December and they are unable to include our results for 2024.


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