The Malnad Ultra is conducted in an area near Ballavara in the State of Karnataka, India. This is a very remote area with poor mobile networks. We request participants to be completely familiar with the travel information provided here before making any reservations.

The nearest big town is Birur (see map). Birur is well connected by road and the railway network and is about 45 minutes from The Last Resort in Ballavara. Regardless of how you plan to get to our event, you will have to pass through Birur! We will provide relevant information here for all your possible options.

If you have opted for the Package offered by our partner Active Holiday Company, then your accommodation will be in Ballavara or nearby areas. Please check with them on where you have been allocated accommodation before you plan travel.

Those who purchase this package will be provided with shuttle bus service to the Start Line from their rooms. If you have not purchased the package, you will have to find your way to The Last Resort in Ballavara and board our shuttle buses to the start line from here.

Please note that all participants must use our shuttle buses to go the Start Line. No runners will be allowed to take their own vehicles beyond The Last Resort. Please be familiar with the shuttle bus schedules published on our site (we will update our site at least a month before the event with this information) in advance so that you can plan your weekend.

Shuttle Buses

We will organise shuttle buses to transport all participants to the Start Line on Race Day. If you have purchased the package, the shuttle bus will come near your accommodation. If you have not purchased the package, you have to board the shuttle from Last Resort. We request you to be completely familiar with the shuttle bus schedules that we will publish before the event, so that you can plan accordingly.


Limited road-side parking will be organised near the Last Resort for those who are planning to bring their own vehicles. We will post a few volunteers to direct traffic and parking, but parking will be at your own risk. The organisers will not take any responsibility for theft, damage or any other untoward incident. Participants will have to walk a few hundred metres from the parking area to board the shuttle buses.

Distances & Driving Time

Approximate distances between important places along with approximate driving times are provided here to help you plan your journey. Please expect traffic congestion due to narrow roads and busy traffic for our event. We therefore recommend that you plan very conservatively if you are bringing your own vehicle. Again, if you have purchased the package, our shuttle buses will pick you up and drop you back near your rooms and you don’t have to worry about getting to The Last Resort on your own.

From Location To Location Distance (Kms) Driving Time (Minutes) Comments
Kadur Birur 7.5 10 On NH 206
Birur Lingadahalli 16 25 Local Road
Lingadahalli Ballavara Junction 6.5 15 Local Road
Ballavara Junction The Last Resort 1 3 Shuttle Buses Start from Last Resort
The Last Resort Lalbagh Estate 20 45 Start and Finish Point of Race (use Shuttle Buses)

By Train (Recommended)

Traveling by train is the fastest  way to get to Birur! With Station Code RRB, Birur is well connected on the Indian Railways network. There are several trains running from Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) and other major cities to Birur. Travel time is between 3-4 hours by train from Bengaluru.

If you are coming from North Bangalore or the Bangalore International Airport, Yeshwantpur (Station code YPR) is a better option. If you are coming from other areas, board at the Main station (Station code SBC).

We recommend the following trains:

  • Train 12079 Jan Shatabdi Express from Bengaluru City (SBC) to Birur (RRB) departing 6:00 a.m and arriving 9:15 a.m  (note that this train does not stop at Kadur).
  • Train 17326 Vishvmanav Express from Bengaluru City (SBC) to Birur (RRB) departing 9:30 a.m and arriving 1:15 p.m
  • Train 12725 Intercity Express from Bengaluru City (SBC) to Birur (RRB) departing 1:00 p.m and arriving 4:30 p.m
  • Return on Train 12726 Intercity Express from Birur (RRB) to Bengaluru (SBC) departing 10:10 a.m and arriving 2:05 p.m
  • Return on Train 17325 Vishvmanav Express from Birur (RRB) to Bengaluru (SBC) departing 12:52 p.m and arriving 4:48 p.m
  • Return on Train 16580 Yeshwantpur Express from Birur (RRB) to Yeshwantpur (YPR) departing 4:40 p.m and arriving 9:00 p.m
  • Return on Train 12080 Jan Shatabdi Express from Birur (RRB) to Bengaluru (SBC) departing 5:50 p.m and arriving 9:25 p.m


By Bus

Our Travel Partner is likely to organise a Bus from Bangalore to the event. Please contact them for further details on this.

Birur is also very well connected by Public and Private buses from Bengaluru. Look for suitable buses to destinations such as Shivamogga (Shimoga) and Bhadravathi, and you will find plenty of air-conditioned options. The direct buses to Birur are not air-conditioned coaches. Journey time will be about 5 hours. You can book your tickets on online sites or the Government Bus Service.

Bus travel will likely take couple hours longer than train because of heavy traffic getting in and out of Bengaluru. Traffic is likely to be heavier than normal because it is the holiday season.

By Air

If you are coming from other parts of India or International destinations, Bengaluru (also called Bangalore, with airport code BLR) is your best option. Bengaluru is connected via direct flights from all major Indian airports and major International airports in Europe and Asia.

Once you reach Bangalore, you can choose to travel by train or public bus to Birur. Please note that travel time from Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru to the main Bengaluru City Bus Stand or the Bengaluru City Railway Station (SBC) can take up to 2 hours in peak traffic. The Yeshwantpur Railway Station (YPR) is closer to the airport and travel time is approximately 1 hour.

If you are coming as a group, you can consider renting a Cab or Van direct to Ballavara from the airport. The Bangalore airport is located on the north-side and you can reach NH 75 without entering Bangalore city and encountering that traffic.

By Road (Private Transport, Cab)

If you choose to drive your own car or take a cab, we hope that you are car-pooling! Roads are narrow and mobile networks are flaky, so you should be familiar with these instructions before you get on the road. We recommend that you leave Bengaluru before 6:30 a.m to avoid traffic. There are fabulous breakfast options on the highway between Kunigal and C.R Patna.

Please review the information provided in the section titled Distances & Driving Time


Please use the following driving directions instead of the route recommended by Google Maps:


  • Take NH 75 from Bangalore to Kunigal (70 kms)
  • Continue on NH 75 to Channarayapattana or C.R Patna (80 kms) towards Hassan. Be sure to take the bypass at C.R Patna
  • On the bypass, turn right onto State Highway 7 to Arsikere (50 kms)
  • At Arsikere, you will intersect NH 73/NH 206. Turn left towards Shivamogga/Honnavara
  • Drive on NH 206 until Birur (46 kms)
  • At the circle near Birur Railway Station, take the left fork towards Lingadahalli (15 kms)
  • Drive through Lingadahalli until you arrive at a T-Junction. Turn Left
  • Within a few hundred yards, take the right fork towards Ballavara (6 kms). All recommended homestays are in this area.

Local Transport

Regardless of whether you have your own vehicle, you must use our shuttle buses to reach the venue for the pre-race dinner or the event. If you have purchased the Active Holiday package, your rooms are either walking distance from the shuttle buses or you will be picked up and dropped off from your accommodation.

Local Map (Ballavara)

The homestays in and around Ballavara are shown on the maps below for your reference. Please note the location of The Last Resort. This is the pick-up and drop point for our shuttle buses.