Travel Information

We have tied up with Active Holiday Company  who will offer packages that include travel and accommodation on a shared basis. We strongly recommend participants to consider taking one of these packages and leave all the logistics to them.

Our event is conducted in a fairly remote area and we request participants to plan their logistics well in advance. Please take a few minutes to look at our sample itineraries before you plan.

We will update our site as we get closer to the event to help you plan last mile travel. Please DO NOT follow instructions provided by Google Maps (they are wrong!) and use the instructions that we have provided on our site.

Our start area is approximately 15 kms North-West of Attigundi. Due to narrow, windy and poor roads, the drive from Attigundi to the Start Area Parking will take at least 60-70 minutes. The Start Area is a 10 minute walk from the parking area. We expect over 400 vehicles on the day of the event on these roads. We therefore request all participants to give themselves at least two hours to reach from Attigundi to the Start Area parking. Please drive carefully and patiently and DO NOT try to overtake vehicles on this stretch. It is dangerous!

Closest Location: Attigundi, Karnataka 577131

Start/Finish Area: Map

For now, we have provided some general travel instructions to help you do your initial planning. We will provide further details by end of August and ensure that directions are marked from Attigundi to the Start Area on event day.

Start Area

The Start/Finish area of Malnad Ultra is amidst private coffee plantations. The parking area is approximately 1 km from the Start/Finish area.

Travel to Attigundi Area

Attigundi is about 300 kms by road from Bangalore and it takes about 6 hours to get here with 1-2 breaks.

Suggested Route from Bangalore (please do not follow Google Maps directions; they are incorrect): 

  • Bangalore to Hassan on NH 75 (about 180 kms, 3 hours driving time)
  • Take Hassan Bypass to Chikmagalur via Belur on SH 373 (about 60 kms, 75 mins driving time)
  • Chikmagalur to Kaimara on SH 57 (about 8 kms, 20 minutes driving time)
  • Kaimara to Attigundi on Bababudangiri Road (about 16 kms, 40 minutes driving time)
  • Attigundi to Start Area (about 15 kms, 70 minutes driving time)

Please note that most homestays and resorts are between Kaimara and Attigundi and it is unlikely that you will have to drive all the way to Attigundi to reach your place of stay.

For participants coming from other parts of India by rail, the nearest railway station is Kadur (Station Code DRU). If you are taking an express train that does not stop at Kadur, your next best option is Birur Junction (Station Code RRB). There is good connectivity from most parts of India.

Attigundi is about 70 kms by road from Birur and you will have to organise local taxis to cover this distance. The travel time from Kadur/Birur to Attigundi is about 2 hours. Please review Road travel information provided here to help you plan further.

Bengaluru International Airport (Airport Code BLR) is about 280 kms from Attigundi. We recommend that you organise a cab or self-drive rental from Bangalore airport and plan on keeping the car until you return after the event. Please review Road travel information provided here to help you plan further.

Mangaluru International Airport (Airport Code IXE) is about 175 kms from Attigundi. 

International participants can plan on flying into Bengaluru International Airport (Airport Code BLR). There are direct flights from most big cities across Asia and Europe.

We recommend international participants to get in touch with us via email in advance. We can help you plan your itinerary, local travel and accomodation in groups.

We are delighted to be part of Asia Trail Master series and will be happy to go the extra mile to help you with your planning.


Estimated Driving Times

Please note that the driving time estimates provided here are from our experience of normal road conditions. We expect 300-400 vehicles on event day and because of the narrow roads, you should buffer 30-50% for traffic congestion.

From To Description Estimated Time (Kms)
Chikmagalur Kaimara Bib & Goodie Bag Pickup Location 15 Mins (8 kms)
Kaimara  Attigundi Most homestays are in this stretch 35 Mins (15 kms)
Attigundi Start Area Parking Narrow, windy and dirt road. Please follow single lane and do not try to overtake 90 Mins (14 kms)
Bangalore Chikmagalur On NH 75 via Hassan 5 hours (240 kms)
Mangalore  Chikmagalur On NH 73 via Charmady 3.5 hours (150 kms)
Birur Railway Station Kaimara Closest Railway Junction 100 mins (66 kms)